• Software Consultancy London

    Engineer the Solution

    Our  hero:   Filippo Brunelleschi
    For defining and engineering the solution to the problem of the Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore.

  •  Reverse Engineering

    Define the Documentation

    Our hero:   Harry Beck
    For designing the iconic schematic London Underground (Tube) map.

  • Noat

    Define the Documentation

    Our hero:   Napoleon Bonaparte
    For defining (with a little help) arguably the most influential legal reforms of the modern era.

  • technical documentation

    Software Engineering

    Our hero:   Dennis Ritchie
    For specifying and engineering  the C Programming Language the syntactical parent of modern programming.

  • business requirements

    Define the Documentation

    Our hero:   Dmitri Mendeleev
    For developing and specifying (with help from fellow scientists) the rules for the periodic table of elements.

  • technical specification

    Engineering the Solution

    Our hero:   Joseph Bazalgette
    For his foresight in designing and engineering the London sewage system (opened 1865) that is still in use today.

Software Consultancy in London

Noat provides Software Consultancy in London. Noat specializes in designing and auditing (reverse engineering) software systems - delivering innovative yet practice design solutions and accessible software technical documentation for both management and developers. Our skill sets range from brainstorming innovation, product development consultancy, reverse engineering, requirements gathering, functional specification development, technical IT documentation, legacy system audit / valuation, and legacy system documentation.


Software Innovation

Our software consultancy team in London has extensive experience in the field of tech software development and has the ability to brainstorm innovative solutions for your software requirements and problem-solve each stage of the software development cycle.

Legacy Reverse Engineering

Noat will audit your legacy system, reverse engineer, generate all required technical documentation for system and ensure that your legacy systems are leveraged to their full potential.

Technical Documentation

Comprehensive IT technical documentation creates a solid foundation for software development projects, ensuring that projects operate within budget, are delivered on time, and produce software that meets the requirements of all parties.






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