• Anti-Spam Policy

noat Anti-Spam Policy

Emails about noat’s products or services shall:

~ Not contain or include a falsified sender domain name or falsified IP address;

~ Not be routed or relayed through servers that the sender does not have explicit

~ Not contain or include a false or misleading subject line that attempts to disguise or conceal the content of the email;

~ Shall contain or include valid and responsive contact information of the sender, including Noat’s physical address;

~ Not be sent for the purpose of harvesting the e-mail addresses in order to send future unsolicited emails;

~ Only be sent to individuals who have given their consent;

~ Contain a functioning return electronic mail address or other Internet-based mechanism clearly displayed that a recipient may use to submit in a manner specified in the message a reply electronic mail message or other form of Internet-based communication requesting not to receive future e-mail messages from Noat.

~ noat shall process any and all opt-out requests within three (3) business days or less of the request. 

noat agrees and affirms to comply with all the rules, regulations and guidelines set out in all relevant law, including but not limited to, the UK Data Protection Act 1998, relevant codes produced by the ASA, the Electronic Commerce Directive 2000, and where relevant the Direct Marketing Association’s Code of Practice.

If you have any questions about our anti-spam policy please contact us.