• Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plan

A business continuity plan (BCP) is more than a disaster recovery plan. It’s great to gear up your business or organisation to manage what may happen if a bomb is dropped on your office or if your data centre is demolished by a tsunami. There are lots of ways of making sure everything is backed up in multiple locations off site, and if your organisation has the capability for key staff to work from home or other locations if your main building is out of action.

Most businesses miss the everyday threats to business continuity planning; it’s not the big things that impact your business it’s the little everyday things like key personnel moving on from the business or just the general lack up upkeep on the business’ business operational support systems – stuff like out of date documentation.

At noat we specialise in bringing your business back on track without the impacts, panic and cost of implementing a classic BCP.

Software System Audits

Most organisations have software that has been in place for a number of years. When this software was originally implemented it probably had all the right documentation (if it didn't we can solve that problem!), however over time the software may have been upgraded to follow business process trends and integrated with other software packages – whether bespoke or off the shelf. In virtually all cases the documentation does not get updated along with the minor changes developing significant gaps between the operational implementation and the theoretical system. This gap is guaranteed to generate issues if the any part of this software needs a significant upgrade or if the ‘keepers’ of the software system move on from the organisation. Noat will audit both implemented systems and existing documentation and remove the gap - getting both in sync and implementing processes so this will not happen again.

Documentation Simplification

There has been a trend for some years now for vast amounts of system documentation to be generated by large software development, system integrators (SIs), or management consultancies. A large proportion of this documentation is machine generated and probably book ended with the odd PowerPoint or management overview PDF. A majority of organisations accept this documentation without any reaction because the task of reviewing and understanding the documentation is almost impossible due to its size and content quality which is generally unreadable. The problem is that this documentation at best is useless to the organisation in maintaining and supporting their systems and at worst is dangerous especially for mission critical systems as problem resolution virtually impossible. Noat takes bloated documentation and surgically remove the useful bits discarding the excess fat and augments it and resets it in easy accessible electronic formats making it useful for the support team, management, and future suppliers who may be required to modify the system.

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