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Legacy systems are essentially the older systems organisations have in situ. These need to be documented and reverse engineered for various reasons. Sometimes these legacy systems are crucial to the business sometimes the organisations are unsure what they do but are too frightened to upgrade them or replace them. Many legacy systems have employees who ‘go with’ the system as they are the only people who know what the system does. At noat we can review your legacy systems with a number of outcomes.

Legacy System Leverage

Noat will review the legacy system(s) in place and define how they can be saved and leveraged to provide the services that an organisation requires from them without replacing them with a completely new system. In some cases the system will require reverse engineering to provide continuity of service. If the legacy systems are not possible to leverage, noat will define how they can be decommissioned in the most efficient manner transferring critical data to a new system.

Legacy Audit

Noat can audit legacy systems producing documentation specifying what the legacy system does and what the system is capable of doing, as well as what the legacy system is not capable of doing.

Legacy Due Diligence

There are a number of cases when an organisation needs to have their legacy software valued either for insurance purposes or as part of an intellectual property rights valuation – potentially as part of a floatation or sale. There are other cases where a third party may need to assess if the legacy system actually performs the tasks that it is supposed to perform.

Legacy System Documentation

Noat can produce technical documentation for legacy systems that may be lacking current documentation (potentially because the system may have been modified over the years of its implementation without the documentation being kept up to date). This documentation may range from simple user manual to a full reverse engineered technical specification.

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