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Noat’s core services are based around software engineering and reverse engineering developing technical documentation that can be used by our clients to implement and support new and legacy software projects. Our specifications act as a blueprint for defining, developing, and delivering software for various applications across a wide range of industries.

In addition, our experienced team is able to either consult on or directly manage every step of the software development process from concept to delivery.

Technical Documentation Services

Effective planning and technical specifications are both critical elements of running cost-effective projects capable of delivering software that meets your business requirements. Our documentation serves as a blueprint for your software development projects, facilitating effective goal identification, structured processes, and optimal outcomes.

Our documentation will map all the critical phases of software development from defining the system architecture to producing comprehensive test plans. Our technical specifications map out all technical elements required for development in minute detail, while our functional design specifications ensure that the software meets the requirements of the end-user.

Business Continuity Plan

Most businesses miss the everyday threats to business continuity planning; it’s not the big things that impact your business it’s the little everyday things like key personnel moving on from the business or just the general lack up upkeep on the business’ business operational support systems – stuff like out of date documentation.

At noat we specialise in bringing your business back on track without the impacts, panic and cost of implementing a classic BCP.

Software Engineering Consultancy

Noat are more than just experts on the software development process. Innovation is our trademark, as we assist our clients in brainstorming optimal solutions to their software requirements and have the ability provide creative solutions to development challenges.

Our consultancy service is ideal if you are pursuing in-house software development. Besides providing creative input, we have the experience to guide you through each stage of the software development process, ensuring comprehensive planning and a final product that meets your specifications.

IT Project Management

Noat has the experience and expertise to manage the critical delivery stage of software development, ensuring that software is delivered on time and on budget. In addition, we offer change management, allowing for controlled, fully documented modifications to software solutions.

When taking on the delivery of a software system, noat will generally work with a third party development team. However, we also employ a small team of in-house developers who have the ability to assist in the implementation of software development and provide stubbed development for third party developers if required.

Legacy Software Support and Reverse Engineering

Many companies find themselves operating established software systems that were delivered with inadequate documentation. The systems typically perform critical services for the business, but because the software is poorly understood, business owners are often afraid to upgrade or replace the systems – and may even be dependent on the services of specialist personnel who were hired specifically to operate the system.

Noat is ideally positioned to assist you in auditing and reverse engineering your legacy software to clearly define how it works and what it does. This in turn allows us to assist you in obtaining additional leverage from the software where possible, identify when the software requires an upgrade or replacement, and provide you with the documentation you require to operate and maintain the system effectively.






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