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Technical documentation is a critical component of software development and maintenance, but despite this is overlooked by many development companies. While some companies lack the expertise to draft this documentation, others may gloss over documentation in an effort to reduce project overheads.

This can have severe repercussions for your business, as lack of comprehensive documentation can cause numerous problems in the software development cycle, including increased costs and the delivery of software that does not meet the requirements of all parties.

To effectively solve problems that arise during project development, it is essential to clearly identify software and delivery specifications. This can potentially save large amounts of money on software development, and ensure that you take delivery of a software system that meets your expectations.

Noat specializes in meeting all the technical documentation requirements for new software projects or legacy systems. This enables better planning and maintenance of software systems, as well as optimal leverage of legacy systems. 

System Architecture

Noat focuses on the commercial requirements of the project to determine an optimal system architecture design for your business. We know that inadequate architecture design can significantly impact the maintenance and support of your software, whereas we can provide you with the lighter system architecture required for simple projects as well as the technical documentation design required for advanced systems with integration between multiple platforms.

API Specifications

An API is required in order for one software system to communicate with another software system. While some software and hardware systems may come with API functionality, these may not work across a comprehensive range of platforms and may be insufficient to meet your business requirements. Noat has the ability to both plan and define how an API will be developed on your software system, or identify how a third party API can be implemented on your system with the minimum impact on your system design.

Integration Specifications

In cases where communication between systems is required but developing an API is not cost effective or essential, Noat can assist your company in defining a simple integration solution. Our solutions will meet your functionality and budget requirements without affecting the operations of the systems being integrated.

Functional Design Specifications

Functional design specifications define how a system operates, from defining user interfaces to identifying the user reactions and processes resulting from user interaction with the software system. Our functional specifications allow the layperson to assess how the system will operate and to identify whether it meets business requirements.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications serve as a technical blueprint for how a software system will be developed and function. This covers every technical design element from software language and the development process to database design and system architecture. Our technical specifications determine how the system will be designed, and create detailed reference documents on how it operates at a technical level. Functional specifications are of a highly technical nature and are not accessible to the layperson.

Test Plans

Test plans ensure that a software system meets client requirements upon delivery. These plans are frequently defined at the same time as the technical specifications are being delivered. Test plans are a critical element of successful software development, as these plans ensure that all parties understand what will be delivered and how it is expected to work across a range of predefined inputs and situations. Noat’s test plans prevent unwelcome surprises and enable smooth delivery of software systems.

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