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IT Project Management

Projects need to be delivered on time and on budget – this won’t happen unless the project has exceptional documentation (even agile projects need tight specifications if they want to stay under control). At noat we can provide the IT project management skills working with design documentation and test plans to implement projects with third parties.

Innovation, thinking on your feet and flexibility are foundation blocks for consistent innovative project management. This does not mean that you forget about all the good sensible project management practices but it allows projects to progress through tricky periods where a different approach is required to get the job done. 

Development Management

The noat project management team will define a realistic achievable plan to implement the designated project within the agreed time lines and budgets generally working with a third party development team.

Change Management

All complex projects may include a degree of change management where the solution may be modified by necessity or by client request some way into the project. The project management team ensure that all change management is kept tightly under control and fully documented to predict and manage any impacts from the changes.

System Transformation

The noat delivery team will develop planning documentation to enable smooth system transformation, from one system (generally legacy) to a new system ensuring data migration, data integrity and process integrity are kept intact.

Software Development

Noat have a small team of software developers who can implement some software development managed by our delivery team as well as providing stubbed development for third party software developers to complete based on the defined technical specifications.

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