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Software Consultancy

Software consultancy can mean a lot of things and has probably got a mixed reputation from Management Consultancy (see the Greek shepherd). At noat we take its meaning at face value – we listen to your requirements, we discuss your requirements, we carefully contemplate your requirements and then we propose solutions to match your requirements based on our understanding and experience. Ideas and solutions early on in a project are very cost effective to explore, adopt and reject with generally very little impact to the overall project. The software consultancy phase is where the smart stuff happens – it’s where the problems and issues are solved and the core documentation is defined. So if you are looking help with developing your next software project, software innovation specialists to kick start that idea you have or just want professional product development consultancy then you are starting at the right place by talking to noat.

Resolving Software Problems

It may sound a little odd but at noat we look forward to receiving problems to puzzle over - especially when it comes to resolving software problems. We don’t just work on the premise that there is a solution to everything we believe there will always be a number of solutions to each and every problem – we need to extract the best solution considering all the external influences like time and money; define it and present it back to our clients for consideration.

Software Product Development / Software Innovation

Software Products and services have to start their life somewhere. For software product development and software innovation consultancy we review the embryonic ideas and start to apply everyday situations to them, like commercial consideration, scalability, business planning, time to market, competition etc. From the responses to these queries we get an indication on how robust the concepts are and the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats. Noat will then optimise the concepts towards the strength and opportunity sides of the equation without losing the essence of the concept - building the product / innovation to full definition.

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